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Sacred Geometry

Platonic Solids

Sacred Geometry Alignment for your Body and the Earth

This workshop provides easy, practical tools using seven basic shapes to bring your energetic and physical bodies into alignment and to help heal the earth. 

The uses of Sacred Geometry are endless.  Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this class:

  • How to end procrastination by firing up your energy to get the work done

  • Powerful ways to clear energy and enhance your energy field for greater protection

  • An immediate and effective way to ground your energy in 3 easy steps

  • Several ways to help the Earth by energetically cleansing, clearing, and healing our enviornment.  Mother Earth will thank you!

You’ll leave this class with lots of practical tools you can use right away!

Note: If you already have a healing practice using other modalities, these tools will help your sessions be more powerful and effective for your clients.

This class is for anyone and everyone.  There will be no nebulous, mind-numbing theories to overwhelm you. And you don’t need to be psychic or a “visual” person to feel the effects of these practices.

To find out more about hosting this workshop, email Leah@LeahMHill.com