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The Society of Sylphs is available at Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats.

Leah M. Hill* is the author of The Society of Sylphs: How an Autistic Boy and a Mystical Being find their Voices through Human Tragedy, available on Amazon in both e-book and paperback formats. 

The Society of Sylphs is a fast-paced, intense novel about a young sylph (an elemental being of the air) named Luranna, and Eddie, a non-verbal 12-year-old boy with autism. This fantasy novel takes the reader into the clouds to travel with Luranna as she delivers messages to humans, animals, and non-physical beings. Readers bond with Eddie as he struggles to be heard and understood by his family.

One night, Luranna witnesses human cruelty and tragedy. Afterwards, she refuses to deliver messages to humans but is haunted by the face of the boy who was there that night and seemed to be able to see her although other humans can’t. Eddie had wandered out of the house that fateful night hoping to experience the power of a big storm coming in from the ocean. But he had no idea how close to home that storm would hit.

* The Society of Sylphs was originally published in 2013 by "Lea M. Hill" but the spelling has been changed to "Leah M. Hill" for all future work.



"In her debut novel, [Hill...] does a fine job of describing Eddie's rapt obsessions and how others often fail to understand the autistic child's point of view. In one scene, for example, Eddie, disengaged from a raucous Easter-egg hunt, gazes at a bit of candy wrapping and studies "the light and dark creases in the silver foil. The depth of the shadows, the reflected light at little peaks. It made him think of weather." - Kirkus reviews

"A YA novel that adults will love, too. Ms. Hill, a gifted healer who works with autistic children, has invited us into the interior world of an autistic boy. When his sister disappears, he connects with a sylph, a faery of the air, to solve the mystery. The story's very engaging, well-written, and resolves the conflict in a sensitive manner. Great job, and I look forward to this author's next novel." - Cathy A. Corn

"OMG!! Just completed the book "Society of Sylphs." What a truly delightful and creative story by Lea Hill. It opens your heart and mind to all kinds of possiblities... to "what ifs." It is is hopeful and hopefilled. I was mesmerized by Eddie, the young boy with autism and how absolutely brilliant he truly was. The relationship he develops with Luranna, the sylph is a special bond that can never be broken. It is a unique connection between two beings of love and light. It will keep you wondering what is possible in this infinite universe of ours-for there is so much that we don't see!

I would recommend this book to educators, health care professionals, parents,kids and anyone interested in autism and/or the spiritual/angelic realm. It opened my eyes to see what gifts children with autism truly have. Perhaps they are here to teach all of us some very important lessons.

Lea is an exceptional writer who has the ability to draw you into the storyline in a heartbeat!! I could not put this book down and I can not wait for the sequel.. Magic and miracles are available to us at all times if we are just open!" - Patricia Bateson